309 – A dirty and deviant tour through the 309 area code. 309 erases the line between genius and debauchery.


Shakespeared! – Improvisers present an all-new “lost” play by Shakespeare. Blending classic iambic pentameter and vernacular vulgarity, this show is hilarious, not high brow!


Bandwagon – Witness the reunion tour of a band created right on stage from your suggestions, performing improvised hit songs and reliving key moments from their tumultuous history.


caRICKatures – Experience your favorite celebrities, cartoons and historical figures in unique and ordinary settings. One improviser. A bunch of characters. Lots of laughs! Starring Rick Davis.

Chili Three Ways

Chili Three Ways – What goes down in these three people’s lives, might come back up. Chili Three Ways has a recipe for ridiculousness and you’re invited to try a taste.

Critical Hit

Critical Hit: Improv the Gathering – For nerds, by nerds. An adventure for fame and fortune.

It's Your Fault

It’s Your Fault – You choose the games, you give the suggestions, you challenge the comedians to ridiculous rules. Remember…this show is hilariously dirty and It’s Your Fault.

Don't Try This At Home

Don’t Try This at Home -Witness the most dangerous, out of control games in the history of Q.C. improv! Don’t try this at home – go to a friend’s house!


M.F.K. – We don’t have to flirt. We’ll seduce you with our awkwardness. Six comedians try to find their forever scene partner in this funny improvised version of Marry, F&$K, Kill.

Nocturne Falls

Nocturne Falls – An improvised event set in small town. Comedic chaos through unique characters, fun scenarios, and a brand new meaning to the word “neighbor”.

Paddy Murphy Is Dead

Paddy Murphy is Dead – A drinking, singing, crying, laughing interactive Irish wake.


Survivor –  Outwit, outplay, outlast. Comedians are stranded on improv island and one by one alliances will be made, hearts will be broken, and there is only one Survivor.

The Stand Up Showcase

The Stand Up Showcase – QC’s best standup in the QC’s best venue.

True Story

True Story – Get to know your improvisers! We’ll share true stories based on your suggestions, and then use them to fuel a series of hilarious scenes.

Tubbs & Kelly Present…

Tubbs & Kelly Present… – Two long-time improvisers present a new, one act play made up on the spot. We won’t know what we’re presenting until it’s over.


Wisenheimer – Uncensored long form improv comedy that takes your suggestions to create a unique suite of characters and scenes each night.